Solar Living Homes is a family owned and operated construction company that has been servicing the Katherine region since 1993, offering over 35 years of experience within the building industry.

Our main focus is housing, specializing in the design and construction of quality, energy efficient homes, cabins, granny flats and demountables.

Being low volume builders allows us to provide a very personalized service to our clients and we endeavour to make the whole process of building your new home as stress free and enjoyable as possible.

We are a local company, employing local staff and wherever possible using local suppliers and trades.

Our office is equipped with the latest computer software. We can individually tailor your new home in almost every detail. 3D modelling gives reality to the building, and alleviates the problem of visualising the finished project from a set of plans.

Living in this Katherine climate, our main focus is on cooling rather than heating.
Our modern way of living necessitates the use of air conditioning to some degree, correct design principles can considerably minimize their usage and ultimately our energy costs.
Each design needs to reflect the best possible orientation and features to take full advantage of the available breeze paths and to minimize the impact of the radiated heat from the sun.
We have our standard range of plans, however as clients needs and building sites differ, standard plans are rarely appropriate. We offer a design service to ensure your new home is tailored to suit you.
We can offer advise on a range of additional items that can be included or retrofitted when funds become available.

We pride ourselves in building quality homes that you can be proud to call home!
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